Fundraising Kit

Here are some helpful fundraising pointers. Remember, getting started is the hardest part, but when you do, you will most likely be shocked to see how generous people are!

Before you begin fundraising

  • Update your personal page with a picture and story letting others know why you are participating
  • Donate to yourself to get your thermometer off $0. Even a small donation sends the message that you are committed to the cause
  • Download and print an offline donation form to carry around with you
  • Bookmark your personal page on your mobile device so you can easily pull it up when someone wants to make a donation to you (make sure you are logged out before someone else donates though)
  • Familiarize yourself with the importance of fundraising so you can tell potential donors what their donation would help do

Remember to

  • Remind friends and family that you are fundraising. On average, it takes 3 asks before someone remembers to donate!
  • Use sample emails in your participant center to make sending messages to friends and family super easy!
  • Keep your fundraising goal updated. People are more likely to donate to help you reach your goal than they are if you have already surpassed it. Once you reach your goal, set a new one! Remember, there is not penalty for not hitting the level you set.
  • Update others on your progress - donors like seeing what they have helped contribute to, and they might even be willing to make another donation to help you reach your goal.
  • Share your personal page on social media (from your page, scroll down and click on the buttons in the "Share" area)

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