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Registration Questions

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Registration Questions

Where can I find information about your COVID plan for this event?
Our full social distancing Event Plan can be found here.

What is included with the registration fee?
The registration fee includes custom socks (which you'll pick up at the event after the ride), event bib, and all day-of ride services. Services may include: SAG support, rest stops, pre-ride drinks and snacks, post-ride snacks & light meal, music and entertainment. Please visit the event details page of your specific event for information about exact services offered.

I am a healing hero. Do I have to pay to participate?
No, all veterans and first responders that have been wounded/injured are invited to participate for free. Please contact us and we will let you know how to register for free.

How do I set up a team?
To set up a team, the person who plans on being the team captain should visit the event home page and select the "Start a Team" option. He/she will enter the team name, followed by his/her personal registration details. Once registered, the captain can then send out a link to the team page so that others may register as a part of the team.

Do I have to be a part of a team to participate?
No, you are welcome to register as an individual! The team registration option allows multiple people to register as a part of the team so that their fundraising efforts will all count toward the team's total. Whether you register as an individual or on a team, you may ride at your own pace.

Can children participate?
Yes, children 10 and up are welcome to register and participate on their own bike. Anyone 16 and younger must be accompanied by an adult (18 and over) at all times. Children under the age of 10 are welcome to participate on a tandem bike or in a proper bike seat on adult rider's bike, but must be registered (contact us for help registering a child for free). Remember, everyone is required to wear a helmet.

Does everyone have to register? What about if we are riding a tandem bike?
Yes, EVERYONE who is going to be riding along our course as a part of the event must complete a separate registration. This not only allows us to better prepare for the total number of people attending, but for the safety and benefit of all participants, everyone participating needs to agree to the waiver during the registration process.

Can I register more than one person at a time?
Yes, but each person must have a unique registration. In other words, when entering a name, you may only enter one name at a time. Once you reach the confirmation page for a registration, you will see an option to register another person. If you choose to register another person, you will then be able to enter his/her information, register additional people if desired, and pay for all registrations in one transaction.

What if I want to change the course I signed up for?
Not a problem! Most events offer several course options and we encourage you to ride the course you are most comfortable with. If you need to change your route, please do so. On event morning, just be sure to pick up the correct bib that corresponds to the color of the route you will be riding at the event.

What route should I sign up for?
While this ride is non-competitive and open to all cycling levels, we ask that you please be aware of your own physical limitations when choosing a route. If you are unsure whether you are in good enough condition to complete a course, you can check out the course map but please choose a route that you are confident you will be able to complete.

I am trying to register online but keep getting an error message that I am already registered. What do I do?
Be sure that you are not already signed in as a user. If someone else used the same computer to register, he/she may still be logged in and the website will think you have already registered. Look at the top of the website. If you see a "Log out" button, click that and then try again. If you are still having trouble, please contact us.

I accidentally registered as an individual. How do I join or start a team?
Not a problem! Contact us and we will get you added to the correct team or help you start a new team. 

My company or employer wants to pay for multiple people to participate. Is this possible?
Yes, of course this is possible! The easiest way to do this is to contact us and we will set this up in the way that works best for you.

Do I have to register online?
Yes, all event registrations must go through our website. If you need assistance registering, please contact us - we would be happy to help! There will be no onsite registration the day of the event.

Is the registration fee included in my fundraising total?
No, the fundraising total only includes donations made by you or on your behalf.

Why is the registration fee not tax-deductible?
The fee to participate in our events covers event-related expenses. Since you are receiving goods and services in return for your payment, this amount is not tax-deductible.

Is the registration fee refundable?
Unfortunately, due to the nature of the event we cannot refund registration fees for any reason. Should an event be cancelled for any reason or in the event an attendee does not participate for any reason, Project Hero reserves the right to retain registration fees.

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Donation & Fundraising Questions

Where does the money go?
Registration fees cover event-related expenses and help create awareness about the need for veteran services. Additional funds raised go directly to supporting Project Hero's veteran rehabilitation programs and allow us to continue to provide these life-changing services to our healing heroes. Learn more about what your support allows Project Hero to do here.

Why is fundraising important?
There are hundreds of thousands of veterans and first responders who suffer from various wounds, whether visible or not. Project Hero works to help these healing heroes recover and once again find hope and purpose. The funds raised through our events allow us to continue to expand our programs and serve even more veterans. Learn more about the impact Project Hero's programs have had here.

Is my donation tax-deductible?
Yes. Project Hero is a 501(c)3 corporation and all donations are tax deductible. Our tax ID number is 20-2252840.

Is my donation refundable?
Unfortunately, due to the nature of the event we cannot refund donations for any reason. Should an event be cancelled or in the event an attendee does not participate for any reason, Project Hero reserves the right to retain all donations.

Can I send a donation by mail?
Yes. Please send checks by mail using our offline donation form. We do not recommend sending cash through the mail as it can easily be lost. Send donations to: Honor Ride c/o Project Hero - 3288 Adams Ave, Suite 16527, San Diego, CA 92176

What do I do with cash I want to count toward my fundraising?
We suggest turning cash into a cashier's check to send to us by mail. We do not recommend sending cash through the mail as it can easily be lost.

Who should checks be made out to?
Please make checks out to Project Hero. A good way to make sure donations are attributed to the correct fundraising individual or team is to include the name of the person/team who should receive credit for the donation in the "note" section of the check.

What if I made a mistake with my donation?
No worries - we can help you. Please contact us. 

Do you accept matching gifts?
Yes! Matching gifts are a great way to double your donation. Please ask your employer to include your name with the matching gift so that we can count it toward the correct fundraising total.

Is fundraising required?
While we do encourage everyone to fundraise, there is no fundraising requirement. Please keep in mind that even raising just a few extra dollars can make a big difference and is greatly appreciated. For tips to make fundraising easy, please visit this page.

Is there a fundraising minimum to participate?
No, fundraising is not required and there is no fundraising minimum you have to raise in order to participate. Please keep in mind that even raising just a few extra dollars can make a big difference and is greatly appreciated. For tips to make fundraising easy, please visit this page.

What happens if I don't hit my fundraising goal?
Nothing! A goal is just that - a goal. If you don't meet your fundraising goal, it doesn't matter. We love it when people aim high and are thankful for any amount you do raise. Keep in mind that you are able to change your personal and team fundraising goals at any time if you'd like.

How do I change my personal or team fundraising goal?
To change a personal or team goal, first login to your participant center. Once logged in, go to the "progress" tab. Here you will notice two options to the right, one that says "personal" and one that says "team." Click on the option that corresponds to the goal you want to change. Toward the middle of the page you will see your current goal listed. Below the goal amount it will say "My Goal (change)". Click on the word "change" and enter your new goal amount.
Note: only team captains can change the team goal. 

Are there fundraising incentive prizes?
Yes, as a thank you for your work we do offer fundraising incentive prizes. For more information on the different items you could earn, please visit the incentive items page.

Do I pick up incentive items at the event?
Yes and no. At the event, you will pick up your socks that come with registration and if you reached the $250 level to earn a jersey, you will also pick that up at the event. If you reached the $500 fundraising level or higher, you will receive an email several weeks after the event with instructions on how to claim your incentive items. Please visit the incentive items page to see the items available.

Are incentive prizes cumulative?
No, they aren't cumulative. You may select a prize from the level you reach, or a combination of lower levels that total your fundraising amount, but you do not get an item from the level you hit, plus levels below.

How can I raise money?
Great question! Fundraising can be a bit daunting but getting started is often the hardest part and you'll be surprised by how generous people are. To help you out, we've put together a kit of tips and tricks to make it easier. Just remember that you are raising money for a good reason - to support life-saving veteran rehabilitation programs.

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Event Questions

What is this event all about?
Read all about this event and the importance of local support on the "About" page.

I'm not an expert rider - can I still participate?
Yes! Our Honor Ride series is intended for riders of all skill levels. We recommend doing some practice rides ahead of time and choosing a course length you are comfortable with, but everyone is welcome to join us. While this ride is non-competitive and open to all cycling levels, we ask that you please be aware of your own physical limitations when choosing a route.

Do I have to have a military connection to participate?
No, public riders are welcome! While our rehabilitation programs focus on veterans and first responders, our cycling events are highly attended by the public.

Can I pick up my packet ahead of time?
In most cases, yes, packet pick-up is available before event day. Please visit your event's home page for specific packet pick-up details. 

Can I pick up my packet for other people?
Unfortunately we cannot allow this. Due to USA Cycling requirements, all riders must sign a physical waiver upon check-in and must therefore be present to pick up their packet themselves.

How long do the rides take?
The length of time to complete a ride depends on how long the ride is and how fast you go. If you are in good shape and choose the shortest course, you may finish in about an hour. Longer rides can take up to 5-6 hours to complete.

Do you close the roads for the Honor Ride Events?
Most Honor Rides do not have road closures. Project Hero will always ensure that routes are safe and police or other motor escorts are provided through heavily trafficked areas when possible. This varies by ride. ALL RIDES ARE RULES OF THE ROAD.

Is there SAG support?
Yes, SAG support is provided and rest stops are stocked with water, fruit and nutrition bars. Some rest stops will have mechanics, depending on the ride and the route.

Are helmets required?
Yes! For the safety of all riders, helmets are required at all times while on the course.

Do I have to bring my own bike?
Yes, please bring your own bike. We do not require a pre-ride bike inspection but expect that all bikes are in working order and helmets must be worn at all times.

Can my child ride in a child seat on my bike?
Yes. Children are allowed to ride in a proper bike seat of an adult rider's bike or on a tandem bike with an adult. Remember, helmets are required for all ages.

Do I have to register a child who will ride with me in a bike seat or on a tandem bike?
Yes. For liability reasons everyone who will be participating on the course needs to complete registration. A child who is riding with you in either a bike seat or a tandem bike does not need to pay for registration. Please contact us to register your child for free.

Can I register at the event or do I have to register ahead of time?
In most cases, day-of registration is allowed. We do encourage you to register online ahead of time, though. Day of registration costs slightly more. Please visit the event home page for details about day-of registration.

Are dogs allowed at the event?
Most venues are dog-friendly and service dogs are always allowed. For the safety of everyone, we do not allow dogs on the course. If you are riding we recommend that you do not bring your dog since you will be gone for a couple of hours.

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Miscellaneous Questions

Do you sell Project Hero cycling gear?
Yes! Please visit the online store to see the variety of merchandise available for purchase.

Do you sell merchandise at the rides?
Yes, we sell Project Hero jerseys and other apparel at almost all Honor Rides (if there will not be onsite registration then we will not be selling merchandise). All apparel can also be pre-ordered and picked-up the day of the ride (please order at least 3 weeks before event date to ensure arrival). Please visit the online store to see the variety of merchandise available for purchase.

How do I volunteer?
We are always looking for individuals to help before, during and after each ride. If you want to be part of the fun in a way other than biking then join us as a volunteer. Please visit the volunteer page to sign up

If we are part of the same team, do we have to ride together?
No, being on a team does not mean you have to ride together. The purpose of forming a team is so that you can easily invite others to register with you and so that all your fundraising efforts are joined together in one common team effort. You are welcome to ride at your own pace.

I was unable to attend the event. Can you mail me my packet or socks?
In order to keep costs low, we cannot mail packets or socks to participants. If you know you won't be able to attend and have someone else who can pick up your packet for you, contact us to arrange this.

Do you provide route maps?
We provide route maps at registration and routes (maps) can also be found on the ride home page. You can download the route to your GPS service from the link.

What is the participant center?
The participant center is an online tool meant to help with your fundraising. When you access your participant center, you can edit your personal page (and team page if you are a team captain), see information about your fundraising progress, upload your email contacts and use email templates we've created to send to friends, family and coworkers. Login to your participant center here.

How do I find my personal or team page?
When you register, you automatically are given a personal page (and if you start a team a team page is created as well). To search for a page, click here. 

How do I edit my personal or team page?
You can change the text and picture on both your personal and team pages through the participant center. Click here to login to your participant center. Note: only team captain can edit the team page.

I forgot my username and/or password - what do I do?
Start by using the "Login Assistance" links at the right of this page. If you're still having trouble, please contact us and we would be happy to help.

What happens if it rains on event day?
We hold our events rain or shine. Be sure to pack gear appropriate for the weather. In the case of thunderstorms and severe weather, we will make a decision based on the circumstances and let you know.

Why have I not received any emails about the event?
Our emails may be going into your spam folder or you may have opted out of emails. Please check your spam or junk folder and if our emails are there, be sure to add us to your "safe senders" list and mark that the email is not spam. If you opted out of Project Hero emails, you will not get important event-specific information. For additional assistance and to be sure you are opted in to our emails, please contact us.

I have a special need - can you accommodate me?
Yes! All of our events are wheel-chair accessible and set up to accommodate all types of participants. If you would like to discuss a specific need with us, please contact us and we will do everything possible to make sure you are comfortable and able to participate.

I was unable to attend the event. Can I be refunded?
Unfortunately we are unable to refund registration fees. 

What happens if the event falls on a holiday?
Our top goal is to honor our healing heroes and raise funds to support our rehabilitation programs to be able to serve more wounded veterans and first responders. We apologize in advance if an event takes place during a holiday. We do our best to avoid holidays, but cities have limited options of when and where an event can be held. Our events are held in many cities throughout the nation and we have to balance the needs of a particular city, as well as manage our national schedule. We thank you in advance for your support and appreciate your understanding.

Why are there multiple pending charges on my bank account or credit card statement?
This can happen if the "confirm" button was clicked more than once during registration. The bank will recognize that these are repeat charges and will only process it one time It sometimes takes the bank several days to clear the extra pending transactions. If you call your bank they should be able to tell the amount that will actually go through. If you have any questions or if more than one charge is actually processed (not pending, but confirmed), please contact us right away.

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