Why Fundraising Matters

There are hundreds of thousands of veterans and first responders who suffer from various wounds, whether visible or hidden. Project Hero works to help these healing heroes recover and once again find hope and purpose. All funds raised allow us to continue offering our life-saving veteran and first responder rehabilitation programs. To help show why fundraising is so important, we have created fundraising badges for some of the most important levels. Below you can see what the funds you raise allow us to do.

Earn one of the following badges on your personal fundraising page by raising the corresponding amount:

          2016 Honor Ride Tampa:MILESTONE:1040    

$65 - Sponsor a Veteran's Registration
Cover the cost of an injured veteran's Honor Ride paticipation 


2016 Honor Ride Tampa:MILESTONE:1054


$1,500 - Maintain a Vet
Provide a year of bike maintenance and support for a veteran

  2016 Honor Ride Tampa:MILESTONE:1050  

$250 - Dress a Vet
Provide a veteran with a cycling kit, a special outfit designed for riders

  2016 Honor Ride Tampa:MILESTONE:1054   $3,000 - Buy a Bike
Fund the purchase of a bike for a veteran to use during rehabilitation
  2016 Honor Ride Tampa:MILESTONE:1052   $500 - Protect a Vet
Provide a veteran with riding accessories to help keep them safe
  Red White and Blue Ribbon   $4,000 - Sponsor a Veteran on a Challenge
Sponsor a veteran in a Challenge. These multi-day rides push riders to the max and it is the goal of every veteran taking part in our rehabilitation programs to be able to participate in one of these events
  2016 Honor Ride Tampa:MILESTONE:1053   $1,000 - A Year of Rides
Support a year of local veteran rehabilitation group rides
   2016 Honor Ride Tampa:MILESTONE:1057    $10,000 - Build an Adaptive Bike
Cover the cost of custom building an adaptive bike so that even those most severely wounded veterans may still ride and recover


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